Annya Vitalevna Koli has written a pleasant and wonderful little story of her life as a young girl. She goes to her new Mum and Father when she is very young, so young she can not run up steps, she is so small she has to walk up them. She finds that she is different than other Collies, what her new family calls her sister and her new aunts and uncles are yellow, black and white, and red. She is blue like her Dog Mum, who is the only dog she has ever seen in her young life.

     She and her new dog family have a unique world, a world of 'two legs', 'rooms that move', 'kat things', 'suns and dark times' and 'h'vostik'. She tells the reader in her own words what she sees and how she lives in her new family and the reader can understand as she grows and her knowledge and vocabulary increase. She has a unique writing style and she is very open about how she and other dogs talk to each other all the time, but no 'two leg' understands 'Dog'. Like most dogs she is bilingual, she speaks Dog and understands Russian very well.

     As the season changes and goes from 'warm time' to 'cold time', her new Mum trains her for a show. She and her dog family are very excited on the day she goes to her first show in her quest to be Champion, and fate takes an unusual turn for her and another dog she finds at the 'show thing'.

     This is her first book of a series, she likes to write and is working on her second book now that the 'cold time' is here.

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Original publish date 22 January 2018. Page count 100

21 November 2018
Sent to the author via email.
I received this wonderful little book, written by a Collie dog, from our neighbor, who is a friend of the author. I thought this short story was for children but how wrong I was, this enchanting tale is for all ages. I have read it to our two young children, who thoroughly enjoyed it, and when we had friends for dinner a few days ago, I showed the book to them and we had four adults and two young adults sitting in the living room, reading, laughing and discussing this story. ‘Rooms that move’, ‘hard stuff I can see through’, ‘h’vostiki’? ‘Kat things’, ‘two legs’ who don’t speak ‘dog’? Such a wonderful story and I did not fail to understand the moral towards the end, actually two morals, nor did our guests, and when I read this tale to our children I made sure they understood the moral, too. Such a wonderful and enchanting experience. I understand from our neighbor that there will be more books written by ‘Annya Koli’ and I have made sure we are on the short list for any new works by this very clever ‘blue girl’.

23 April 2018
Canine With Magical Powers
Unique, charming and magically evocative story-telling. Dog lovers will be captivated by the Koli of Blue Cloud.
Once upon a time this narrative genre was the art of enchantment.
We journey through the special world of the Blue Koli princess in this a tale remarkably brought to life by Auslander’s style and affinity.
Devote a few hours or less to escape into the heart and vision of a rare domain of imagination.
Annya Koli is precious. Enjoy her. You’ll want to join her family.
06 February 2018
Delightful story with a timeless moral
This story, written from the perspective of a dog, makes delightful reading.
The voice of Annya is very distinctive in describing her world of – ‘two legs’, ‘yellow hair’, ‘kats’, etc. And on top of that, Annya speaks with a charming Russian accent and has deep insights into human behaviour as she can ‘see hearts’.
The plot is engaging with plenty of drama to keep the reader wondering what will happen next. The theme of good triumphing over evil has ageless appeal.
The greatest challenge for the ‘real’ author, was to capture the spirit and intelligence of the four legged variety of friends. This has been achieved and deserves a medal.
I can see ‘Annya Koli’ with her own TV show, just like ‘Lassie’ from the 1960’s.
February 20, 2018

A dog who writes!
It’s a rare treat to read a story written from a dog’s point of view. Most interesting features were a dog’s gradually increasing command of human language, her expanding vocabulary, and her unusual terms for common objects.
I look forward to reading her next literary efforts, to witness the evolution of her unique personal style.
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I am Princess. I know I am Princess because Father calls me Princess and I am allowed to have sleep on Father's divan when Father has sleep in the afternoon. I have sleep at his feet and I make sure he has good sleep. Sometimes I take sleep on Father's divan in the dark time when Father and Mum are sleep. They have sleep together in The Big Room on top of the dividers.

Sometimes I come in to The Big Room and have sleep beside Father or Mum on the floor next to them. I can be very quiet when I want to be, I am just a blue cloud gently drifting in to The Big Room and no one hears me. I like to do that and I do not wake Mum or Father. When Father leaves the nest in the dark before the sun he goes in to his special room. There is something on his flat place that is always bright light but very quiet. He makes 'kofy' and I like the smell of this kofy in the dark. Father let me taste this kofy once, I did not like it but I like the smell of the brown water.

Father sometimes talks to the light on his flat place. I was young then and I spoke Dog and Russian, but Father did not speak Russian to The Light, he spoke two other languages to The Light. Now that I am an older Princess I understand Father speaks something called 'iglis' and 'jarman' to The Light. I understand now what he says in those two strange languages. You see, often I will come in to Father's Room, I am just a drifting blue cloud, I make not a sound, just a blue cloud drifting in to Father's Room. Father always has a special and very soft cloth on the floor for me to lie on. I pretend I am with sleep and he does not know I am not with sleep, I am listening to Father speak softly so he doesn't wake Mum. I am proud that I now speak four languages, Dog, Russian, Iglis and Jarman. 

 I remember when I came to Father, I think it was 4 cold and 4 warm times ago. I remember coming to a big gray wall and suddenly a hole appeared in the wall and there was Father. I remember coming through the hole in the wall and I looked at Father. I gently went to Father and hugged his leg and I said 'Father, I am home'.

Father smiled at me and said ‘What a pretty little blue girl you are.’ He picked me up and held me in his arms, he is much big and much strong, and I knew I loved my Father from that very moment so I kissed him once on his nose. His nose is not like my nose, his nose is very short and dry, my nose is long and beautiful and black on the end with blue hair. Father held me gently so I put my head on him and I smiled. They say I am blue because when I am a new dog, so new I can not see or walk, my hair is blue. When I get older my hair will turn almost silver and when the sun is koret I am blue.

Very soon Mum came to us and I remembered Mum from when I was so new I could not see, I remembered her touch and her smell and her voice so I knew it was Mum. I told her 'Mum, I am home.' and Mum took me from Father and held me in her arms, too. Mum is much not big as Father and her voice is very gentle and her arms are soft and warm and I kissed her on her nose, too.