Never the Last One


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R H Auslander uses his intimate knowledge of Russian Armed Forces, Russian culture and Russian history to give the reader a deep look in to Russia, her culture and her Spetznaz Regiments. The author’s deft hand and storytelling ability open to the reader a view of Russia few outside of Russia have seen in a gripping tale of war and romance wrapped in a vivid panorama of betrayal and treachery, love and honor, loyalty, faith and duty.

With the clouds of war darkening the horizon for all to see, the story unfolds of Annya Dmitrovna, a beautiful Russian lady, and Starshi Sarjant Roman Ivan’vich, a foreign man, a professional soldier serving for Russia in 317 Independent Spetznaz Regiment. As their romance blossoms into an understanding during a night of good food, good wine and animated conversation, the thought of war banished from their minds, Roman Ivan’vich is suddenly ordered at 01:00 in the morning to report to his regiment immediately.

As the regiment gathers and moves to assembly and deployment, an ominous event portends trouble. As the war begins and the fighting progresses treachery rears its ugly head, a treachery and betrayal that goes to the very heights of power in Moskau, contrasting dramatically with the courage, honor and loyalty of the Spetznaz set in the mixture of east and west that is Russia and the unique culture of her Spetznaz, those warriors who are never defeated, who are Never The Last One.

December 10, 2017
I finished your book two weeks ago. I must say it was a very enjoyable and worth the long read. It is a very well written book. The characters are believable, the story is very easy to be drawn into, the details are very well researched. I found myself reading the book deep into the night. Your novel also elegantly captured the atmosphere of Russia at the time, everything was as I remember Russia in my earlier years. Overall, I loved how the story flowed and how easy the book felt to read. For the first time in a long time, I actually enjoyed reading! Of course, the ending made me grin. I must ask, was it written before February of 2014? Translated from Russian by CEE.
Author’s reply: “Yes, the Post Scriptum was written in summer 2013.”
See the other side of the world.
May 17, 2018
Verified Purchase
Couldn’t stop reading this. What a story! Strange names, places, people, battles unknown to readers of the MSM. An inside look at the emergence of the Russian Federation.
I have finished Never The Last One and I have just read Sevastopol, The Third Defense. Thank you for sending me the copies of both books. I can honestly say these are some of the most beautifully crafted semi-fictional accounts concerning Russia, primarily written in English, that I have had the pleasure to read. Your understanding of the culture of Russia and Sevastopol could only come from someone who’s heart is close to them. Your love of the canine companion is also a recurring theme, which, having grown up with dogs all my life, I perfectly understand.
You also managed to convey the historical roots of Russia and the peninsula and the understanding of the ethnic Russian population has of this history very well, and it is clearly interwoven through both pieces of literature. This is especially important I think for an outsider looking in, as it really helps develop an understanding for tragic (and wonderful) events of 2014, and generally shoots the Western narratives about Russia full of holes.
Your clear understanding of military procedures raises some interesting questions about your past in my mind. That, or you have some truly extraordinary friends. Either way, I am not intending to pry (especially with today’s internet, straight out of 1984), although I do think you would be an interesting individual to meet.
All in all, it has been and is a pleasure to read your literature, Auslander. Don’t stop! If I could put this on amazon I’d give both books the full load, five stars.

“Spetznaz! Make sure you have a double load of ammo and grenades. Make sure your trench tool is sharp and in your belt, not in its holder. Fix your bayonets. Are you ready?”

All the men had gathered around. I turned to them. “There will be no prisoners, no surrender from them or us. Kill them. Kill all who attack us. Kill them all. In doubt, kill them again. Understood?”

Father Mitrofan came to me. “I will go with you, Roma.”
“No, Father. Your orders are to command the blocking force in case the enemy manages a counter attack and comes up that road. You are needed there, Father, not with us.”
“I know, Father, I know you see, but sometimes you do not see all.”
Father had a face of chiseled granite, at this moment he looked very old.
“What is her name?”
“Annya Dmitrovna.”
“She is here.”
“I know. She and her mother are with her father in hospital.”
“The Madame Polkovnik is not her mother.”
“She is now.”
“Father, please bless us, we will need it. After, if needs be, go to her. Explain to her.”
I turned to the men. “On bended knee, my brothers! Father will bless us.”

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